Experience the Devine Difference

Does you haircut fit your face? Does your haircolor complement your skintones and enhance your eye color?

You can now experience the difference Rhonda Devinebrings to hair design, makeup and clothing. Rhonda has worked and studied with top professionals in the beauty industry for over 30 years. The learning experience you'll receive from Rhonda's Haircut, Hair Color, and Makeup DVDs, as well as the men's DVD, will prove there really is a "Devine Difference."

Rhonda Devine, founder of The Devine Difference, will lead you on an amazing journey of discovery. She will help you see yourself with different eyes. She uses real women, not Hollywood models, to demonstrate how the principles of the Devine Difference work for every single person.

Included with the two DVD video set is an interactive Devine Difference Handbook and Tool Kit that step-by-step leads you through identifying your face shape, analyzing your profile and understanding the principals of balance and harmony. You will be empowered to choose the perfect haircut that reveals what is uniquely beautiful about you.


"I had felt for some time that my outside didn't match my inside, the real me. But after seeing Rhonda I feel as if there was an amazing rebirth. What she has done with my hair in style as well as color was amazing!"

-Kelly Hunt, World Travel Partners

"Rhonda is the only stylist that ever cut my hair to show off my natural features. The difference is amazing! I get complements every day!"

-Debbie Benfield

"Rhonda takes time to explain how she will work with my hair to complement my face shape and features.
She is a talented and dedicated who gives her all to every client. I always receive complements on her haircuts and am always pleased with her work."